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Sep 26, 2020

It happened like this. On the first morn, the children who typically woke first anyway, began their day without knowing anything was amiss. As the morning hours passed, more and more children woke to a strangely quiet town.  More and more children found their grown guardians still slumbering: mothers, fathers,...

Sep 18, 2020

His best friend insisted that he go see a therapist.  Jorge was surprised and disappointed because his buddy was a believer in unusual phenomena, and if there was anyone who wouldn’t think he was off his rocker, it would be Bradley.  But he said they had to be sure it wasn’t all in Jorge’s head.  They had to be...

Sep 11, 2020

After death, some souls go to reward and some to punishment.  Then there are the ones who just need to do some “community service” to atone for minor wrongs.


Joe is a spirit tasked with counting the breaths of the living, but his new apprentice isn’t content with just counting.



Sep 5, 2020

“We’re fascinated by cats, aren’t we?  Cats on the internet.  Pictures, videos, memes.  Cats in our homes.  Ancient civilizations shaped statues of cats out of gold, ebony, and bronze.  They have been associated with magic, with evil.  They sometimes seem aloof and uncaring.  Sometimes charming and playful. ...