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Mar 29, 2024

Do the voices coming from the food in my fridge and pantry want to harm me, help me, or just…be? 

Genre: Science Fiction


“Tell me I’m sane,” I said.

There was a pause on the other end. And then he finally spoke. 

“I refuse.” 

I sighed. “Freddy, come on.”

“Give me some context,...

Mar 22, 2024

During his first week working at a unique pizzeria, Ronnie encounters some uncanny late-night customers, who place an order for the rarest pizza on the menu.

Genre: Fantasy


“What…what will this one do?” Ronnie asked as he folded fresh rosemary leaves and parmesan flakes into the dough.

“It’ll make...

Mar 15, 2024

Three friends decide to do their science project on a forgotten novelty invention, a self-peeling banana.

Genre: Science Fiction


“What about dinosaurs?” I said after a few minutes. “We could do our project on how and why they went extinct. That’s exciting.”

K.D. shook her head. “It might seem...

Mar 8, 2024

A young journalist follows her latest lead into a quirky fast food place located in her dreams. 

Genre: Mysterious Fantasy


“Welcome to Thoughtsburger, would you like to try our new Weltschmerz platter with a side of Bitterness and Longing?”

Ria stared at the person who had just addressed her. “Uh,...

Mar 1, 2024

To help a young man seek his fortune and his purpose upon leaving home, his parents endow him with a parting gift, a basket of lemons.

Genre: Fairy Tale


The couple had thirteen children by the time they were finished siring. One by one, as each child came of age, they were sent out into the world to seek...