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Dec 30, 2022

A young woman receives a letter written by her future self about all the significant events to come in the next year of her life.

Genre: Mystery, Fantasy


Three major things will happen to me over the course of the coming year. I’ll meet someone. I’ll think he’s wonderful. He won’t be. That’s the...

Dec 23, 2022

Reporter Lily Landry has an extraordinary encounter one night after she investigates a bright light in the sky above her apartment.

Genre: Science Fiction


She gulped and tried to tell herself what she always told herself in such situations.

There’s a story here.

A figure approached her and she gulped...

Dec 16, 2022

Two rival television shows set aside their differences to film their solstice holiday specials.

Genre: Fantasy, Mystery, Science Fiction


“Lily Loquacious” and “Calling All Ships” were both filmed in the same giant building that housed the famed Stage 34. In fact, they were the reason that Stage 34 was...

Dec 9, 2022

“Why does there have to be winter?”

Genre: Mythology, Fantasy


“Why does there have to be winter?”

The asker was my little niece, all bundled up in black-and-silver fleece blankets. Her favorite colors. She didn’t ask the question just out of curiosity. She was frowning slightly. Winter had swallowed...

Dec 3, 2022

Two technicians working alone to maintain an Arctic monitoring station begin to see something they shouldn’t be seeing…a third resident of the station.

Genre: Mystery


Andrew saw it first. About a month into our six-month rotation maintaining the company’s Arctic monitoring station. He was doing weekly...