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Apr 26, 2024

A moth dreams of visiting the Moon, but is too small to fly all the way.

Genre: Mythology


When first the moths alighted in the world below, the land of earth, they did so out of curiosity. And they did so because they were sent forth from their home by their creator. Their home and their creator were one...

Apr 20, 2024

A prideful swallow is cursed and changed into the form that she finds most abhorrent, a tree.

Genre: Fable


The swallow was a happy bird, but also somewhat superior. Nothing brought her joy the way flying did. Slicing through the clouds and flicking the air with the perfect points of her tail. She...

Apr 12, 2024

After a man stuck in the middle seat of a long flight wishes he had more room in his row, his wish comes true: his seatmates start vanishing.

Genre: Mystery


But saying it out loud, he sounded a little foolish to himself, so he laughed and waved a hand. “I’m probably just being a worrywart for nothing....

Apr 5, 2024

Two passengers find themselves alone just after takeoff, on a plane that seems to be floating in some substance that the passengers can only define as being green and gold.

Genre: Science Mystery


If we were asleep, and the plane crashed into an ocean with green-and-gold water, and we’re now sinking, and...