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Oct 27, 2023

Six people get stuck on an elevator, but when the elevator starts moving again, their true ordeal begins.

Genre: Horror, Mystery

It wasn’t where any of us wanted to go, but we all stepped off the elevator as if by some instinct to escape the place where we’d been trapped, even if it had just been less than...

Oct 20, 2023

A new homeowner must decide how to deal with the uncanny and uninvited inhabitants discovered in the attic.

Genre: Horror, Mystery

Content Warning
: Animals in supernatural danger.


One of my friends told me a terrifying story she’d read about. This guy was living in a house where a family lived, without...

Oct 13, 2023

What happens when two treasure-seekers cross a forbidden threshold and trespass within an ancient temple?

Genre: Horror, Mystery, Mythology


“Greetings, travelers,” the temple guardian said. “Give me your names.”

The two treasure-seekers gave her their names freely.

She did not return their offer of...

Oct 6, 2023

A young reporter investigating a case of vanishing corpses interviews a town recluse, who may be trying to help him…or silence him.

Genre: Horror, Mystery


…he realized she was one of the missing corpses. He couldn’t recall her name, only her face. He watched from outside as she appeared to be making...