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Oct 26, 2019

“Our agency specializes in unusual cases, but the initial reports coming out of your township has us wondering and worried.  We have a lot of work to do, Sheriff.”

The sheriff nodded and held out his hand.  “Welcome to Chainmaker.”


A wolf-like creature is savaging the residents of a quiet township, and no one...

Oct 18, 2019

As someone who believed in the unbelievable, Jeremy was constantly monitoring radio and television channels, particularly abandoned and unused frequencies, searching for alien transmissions and the like.  On average, about once a month, he would find something he thought worthy of reporting to the town’s...

Oct 11, 2019

It wasn’t the rats that caught my imagination when I first heard the tale as a child.  It wasn’t all the lost children.  It wasn’t the man in the pied coat that haunted me.

It was the pipe.


A group of explorers search for the Pied Piper of Hamelin’s pipe, for it may contain the secret to defeating a...

Oct 4, 2019

“Destiny?  That is a fanciful thought, Godmother.  And a foolish one.  Much is expected of me.  I cannot stop to fix every small problem when I must tend to the large ones.”

“Your people will not love you if you think of them as small.”


High Princess Leonora is certain of her path until her fairy godmother...