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Oct 26, 2019

“Our agency specializes in unusual cases, but the initial reports coming out of your township has us wondering and worried.  We have a lot of work to do, Sheriff.”

The sheriff nodded and held out his hand.  “Welcome to Chainmaker.”


A wolf-like creature is savaging the residents of a quiet township, and no one knows how to catch or kill it.

Could the answer lie in the town’s past?


Find out in this episode of Storyfeather.

Genres: Fantasy, Horror

This story is fiction, but it was inspired by historical accounts of a creature terrorizing a region of France in the 1700s, a creature known as the Beast of Gevaudan.



Story: “Chainmaker” Copyright © 2015 by Nila L. Patel


Mysterious Trip-Hop Lounge Beat” by Digital Emotions


Music by ROZKOL

The Apotheosis of All Deserts

The World Has Move On


Cold Breath in the Alleyway


Music by Nctrnm



Music by Lee Rosevere

Not Alone

Heat Haze

It’s A Mystery

Universe Calling

The Nightmare

Under Suspicion


Music by ROZKOL, Lee Rosevere, and Nctrnm is licensed under CC BY 4.0


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