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Jan 26, 2024

The inventor of a working time machine takes her closest friend on what was meant to be a quick trip to the near future.

Genre: Science Fantasy


I didn’t panic right away when Violeta said she had succeeded in building a working time machine.

All of her inventions worked. All of them. But all her other...

Jan 19, 2024

A fearful and captive servant, who tends a menagerie of unique and captive creatures, is dazzled by the arrival of a most magnificent creature known as a hippocampus.

Genre: Fantasy


At the center of my memory is the image of a horse, a horse the color of orange cream, rearing up, and glancing at me, with...

Jan 12, 2024

In life and beyond, the elephant king seeks only one aim, to protect his people from despair.

Genre: Fable


As the elephant king lay dying, struck silent by his pain, able only to breathe shattered breaths, his mind thought its last thoughts.

He could forgive the ones who had killed him. But forgiveness would...

Jan 5, 2024

A nervous young job-seeker’s interview is constantly interrupted by what seem to be personal phone calls to the interviewer, but from different callers.

Genre: Fairy Tale


I was nervous. Okay…yes, obviously. Obviously I was nervous. This one, I really, really wanted. Based on the description. Field...