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Jul 25, 2020

The lady was born with fingernails the color of blood.

All the men wore beards in the far, far south where the town lay covered in snow for half the year.


A highborn lady’s unusual birthmark and a young lord’s unacceptable facial grooming habits form the basis for common practices.  Red nail polish and mustaches. ...

Jul 17, 2020

Sally had been blindfolded and brought to a few different “undisclosed locations” because the sites that held the instrumentation needed to study him needed to remain confidential.  So he didn’t even ask where they were.  She wished he had.  She would have told him, even though she’d been instructed not to.


Jul 11, 2020

People hire me to find things for them.  I have a special skill that may not seem like a big deal at first blush, but if you think about, you’d realize just how useful it can be.  Like now.  I don’t have a gun.  I don’t know how to fight.  But I’m on the run from guys who seem to have more firepower than the...

Jul 3, 2020

They say the city that sits on the horizon at sunset is nothing but cosmic dust.  I say otherwise.  I’ve been there.  For some reason I left.  I can’t remember the reason.  I can’t remember anything about it.  I seek answers.  I have to return.  So last night, or maybe it was five days ago, I set out to find it. ...