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Sep 18, 2020

His best friend insisted that he go see a therapist.  Jorge was surprised and disappointed because his buddy was a believer in unusual phenomena, and if there was anyone who wouldn’t think he was off his rocker, it would be Bradley.  But he said they had to be sure it wasn’t all in Jorge’s head.  They had to be sure, despite the demonstration Jorge had provided, that there really was something otherworldly going on.


Jorge Montoya has developed an unusual condition.  He feels the presence of missing limbs where there shouldn’t be any limbs at all. 

What’s going on with him?

Find out in this episode.


Genre: Fantasy



Story: “The Phantom and the Imaginary” Copyright © 2016 by Nila L. Patel
Narration, Editing, Episode Art: Nila L. Patel


Trip-Hop Lounge Abstract Background” by Digital Emotions (Intro/Outro)


Music by Lee Rosevere
“Last Call”
“Max Flashback”
“Start the Day”
“Tech Toys”
“It’s A Mystery”
“Universe Calling”
“Night Caves”


Music by Nctrnm


Music by Lee Rosevere and Nctrnm is licensed under CC BY 4.0


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