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Nov 4, 2017

It watches me with those strange eyes. Even you, love, cannot imagine such eyes. This is the third night I have been assigned to watch it—him, I’ll call it “him.” The creature deserves that much dignity. The first night, I did not look toward him. I thought I felt him watching me, but I admit to you and only you, that I was afraid. I am a rational and curious person. That’s why I asked to be given watch over him. But my imagination can run as wild as that of the most superstitious sailor, especially out here in the vastness. We are farther now from home than any ship has sailed since before the war. After so many days, my excitement has waned, and my restlessness has waxed.

How does the crew of an exploration vessel respond, when they encounter a strange creature of legend, floating helpless, in the middle of nowhere?

Find out in this episode of the Storyfeather podcast.
Genre: Mystery, Adventure

Story: “The Wandering Star” Copyright © 2014 by Nila L. Patel
“Mysterious Trip-hop Lounge Beat” by Digital_Emotions
"Not Alone" by Lee Rosevere
"The Long Journey" by Lee Rosevere
"How I Used To See The Stars" by Lee Rosevere
"It's A Mystery" by Lee Rosevere
"Reflections" by Lee Rosevere
"Puzzle Pieces" by Lee Rosevere
"Small Steps" by Lee Rosevere
"Heat Haze" by Lee Rosevere
"The Nightmare" by Lee Rosevere
"Making A Change" by Lee Rosevere
"Expectations" by Lee Rosevere
Music by Lee Rosevere is licensed under CC BY 4.0