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Jan 13, 2018

My name is Perry Verdilay.  In a single act of reckless desperation, I changed my perception of the world.  And maybe gave myself a condition, a curse, a burden that I may not be strong enough to bear.  I can see things that others can only feel or imagine.

To what extremes will one young woman go to help a loved one who is suffering from an invisible and relentless illness?


Find out in this episode of the Storyfeather podcast.

Genre: Fantasy




Story: “The Potion of Allegory” Copyright © 2014 by Nila L. Patel


Mysterious Trip-hop Lounge Beat” by Digital_Emotions

The Secret to Growing Up” by Lee Rosevere

Musical Mathematics” by Lee Rosevere

Featherlight” by Lee Rosevere

Looking Back” by Lee Rosevere

Not Alone” by Lee Rosevere

Reflections” by Lee Rosevere

Under Suspicion” by Lee Rosevere



Music by Lee Rosevere is licensed under CC BY 4.0