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Feb 10, 2018

Once there was a girl named Florisse whose greatest dream was to find and marry her true love. 

One morning when she woke, she found upon the floor of her chamber, a pair of fine slippers. 

They were the kind of slippers that young women wore upon their wedding days. 

She found a note with the slippers.  The note proclaimed that the slippers would lead the wearer to wherever or whomever the wearer wished.  She slipped on the slippers.  She made her wish.  

“Take me to my true love.  Take me to my future husband.”


How far must one young woman walk to find her true love?

Find out in this episode of the Storyfeather podcast.

Genre: Fairy Tale




Story: “The Everwalker” Copyright © 2014 by Nila L. Patel


Mysterious Trip-hop Lounge Beat” by Digital_Emotions

Quizitive” by Lee Rosevere

Puzzle Pieces” by Lee Rosevere

Heat Haze” by Lee Rosevere

The Long Journey” by Lee Rosevere

Reflections” by Lee Rosevere

Thoughtful” by Lee Rosevere

Frozen Jungle” by Komiku


Music by Lee Rosevere is licensed under CC BY 4.0

Music by Komiku is licensed under CC0 1.0 Universal License