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Feb 22, 2019

Till the day of the accident, the worst part of this job was that I couldn’t tell my friends and family what I really did at the Institute.  They think I’m an intern or secretary.  I’ve been given a script of what I’m allowed to say and it purposely makes my job sound so mind-numbingly, eyelid-droopingly, attention-driftingly boring that no one will ask any follow up questions.  And that’s the point.

And till the day of the accident, the best part of my job was …everything else.


A major accident at a premier research institute causes a junior archivist, who loves her job, to question her role as the gatekeeper to knowledge.

Hear the story on this episode of Storyfeather.


Genre: Fantasy, Science Fiction


Of Potential Amusement: This story makes brief reference to incidents from a couple of Season One episodes, “The Belly of Boston” and “Nocturnal.”



Story: “The Archivist of Farthest Star” Copyright © 2015 by Nila L. Patel


“Mysterious Trip-hop Lounge Beat” by Digital_Emotions


Music by Lee Rosevere

We’ll Figure it Out Together

Start the Day

Tech Toys

Puzzle Pieces


Making A Change

Heat Haze

Not Alone


Music by Lee Rosevere is licensed under CC BY 4.0

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