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Apr 9, 2021

We have conquered deep space, they said. There is nothing at the bottom of our own seas that could be of any worth, they said. But there are always voices of dissent. And there is always something of worth in the places that are beyond our sight, beyond our reach. It just depends on your definition of what is worth it.


Humanity has conquered the stars but has yet to solve the mysteries of the sea.

Genre: Science Fiction


Tags: Forsaken Deep, Forsaken Four, pelagonaut, Pontus Deep, Project Forsaken, Project Pontus, Challenger Deep, Mariana Trench


Story: “Forsaken Deep” Copyright © 2017 by Nila L. Patel
Episode Art: “Pelagonaut” Copyright © 2017 by Sanjay Patel
Narration and Editing:  Nila L. Patel


Trip-Hop Lounge Abstract Background” by Digital Emotions (Intro/Outro)


Music by TRG Banks
“Non-stop to Insideoutworld”
“Through the gravitational field”
“Smooth jacket”
“Keith in 1987”

Music by Lee Rosevere
“Cosmic Drifting”

Music by Andy Ray
“Peace in My World (looped)”

Music by Dark Fantasy Studio (Nicholas Jeudy)*
“The encounter”

Music by Unnamed Artist(s)*
“Among the Stars”
“Space Discoveries (looped)”
“Unknown Terrain (looped)”


*These tracks were part of a music and sound effects bundle I purchased from Humble Bundle and sourced from GameDev Market.


Music by TRG Banks licensed under CC0 1.0 Universal License
Music by Lee Rosevere is licensed under CC BY 4.0
Music by Andy Ray, Dark Fantasy Studio (Nicholas Jeudy), and unnamed artists is licensed from GameDev Market

Sound effects from AudioJungle and GameDevMarket


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