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Oct 1, 2021

Achievement Unlocked: 200th Episode!


Rigo cried out and Marisela came running into the boys’ bedroom. He was standing before the left side of his bed, shining a flashlight on both the bed and the wall behind it. Alex stood beside him, speechless, clutching the cuff of Rigo’s sleep shorts. With the lights off, the only thing easily visible was the part of the thing that his flashlight illuminated.


Something dark and dangerous is growing inside the wall next to one little boy’s bed.

Genre: Horror

Tags: Alex, chemoimagination, Frank, Manifestus, Mari, Marisela, Rigo, wall monster


Story: “Chemoimagination” Copyright © 2017 by Nila L. Patel
Episode Art: “Manifestation” Copyright © 2017 by Sanjay Patel
Narration and Editing:  Nila L. Patel


Trip-Hop Lounge Abstract Background” by Digital Emotions (Intro/Outro)


Music by Andrew Sikov (MuzStation Game Music)*
“Evil is Near”
“Last Moments of Peace (looped)”
“Scary Theme #2 (Version 2)”
“Lyric Voices #1”
“Lyric Voices #2”
“Scary Theme #1”

Music by Nicholas Jeudy (Dark Fantasy Studio)*
“Under my bed”
“The encounter”
“Eternity (seamless)”
“Ghost hacker”
“Emblem (seamless)”
“Trust me”
“The myst”

Music by Andrea Baroni (Cyberleaf)*
“Night Time (no percussion)”
“Fast Lanes Light Rain (no noise)”


*These tracks were part of a music and sound effects bundles I purchased from Humble Bundle and sourced from GameDev Market.


Music by Andrew Sitkov, Nicholas Jeudy, and Andrea Baroni is licensed from GameDev Market
Sound effects from AudioJungle and GameDevMarket, including spooky effects by Evil Mind Entertainment


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