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Aug 25, 2023

There is a door in the basement of my new house that leads to nowhere, or so I thought…

Genre: Fairy Tale, Fantasy


When buds are twisted too tightly, they will never bloom beautifully, my grandmother always said, all the more so after she’d witness my staying in my little corner of the room at a party in our house while the other children played with each other. But she did not know that I was surrounded by friends in my own world, in Castle Farouche.

That is…I didn’t think she knew.


What’s the Word (that inspired the story)?
Farouche: 1) fierce. 2) sullenly unsociable or shy


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Story: “Castle Farouche” Copyright © 2018 by Nila L. Patel
Narration, Episode Art, Editing, and Production:  Nila L. Patel

Trip-Hop Lounge Abstract Background” by Digital Emotions (Intro/Outro)

Music by ANDREW SITKOV (MuzStation Game Music)*
“Casual Theme #3”
“Casual Theme #5”
“Medieval Theme #1”
“Medieval Theme #3”
“Medieval Theme #5”
“Adventure Track #1 (looped)”
“Medieval Track #2”
“Adventure Track #2 (looped)”
“A&C Percussion Loop #18”
“Medieval Theme #2”
“Medieval Track #1”
“Lyric Voices #1”
“Lyric Voices #2”
“Medieval Theme #4”
“Lyric Voices #5”


*These tracks were part of a music and sound effects bundles I purchased from Humble Bundle and sourced from GameDev Market.


Music by Andrew Sitkov is licensed from GameDev Market
Sound effects from AudioJungle and GameDevMarket


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Episode Art Description: Digital drawing. At left, a girl in right profile with short hair, wearing pants and a hoodie, walks through an open door, the inside of which is black. The door swings out to the left. Behind it at an angle is a brick wall. Right side of image, just behind the door, a series of towers blurred behind a glowing hash mark design that gives the effect of distorted digital image on a screen.